Easy Strawberry Tart

Strawberry Season Every year we have a tradition- fruit picking. Sometimes it’s apples, sometimes it’s blueberries & blackberries, but our favorite so far has definitely been strawberries!Honestly fruit picking is pretty rad. I mean you can stop and have a fresh snack break whenever you want, it’s a great bonding and memory making experience, and …

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Educational Egg Activities

Every Easter I end up with a gazillion plastic eggs that the kids like to trail across the house like little egg landmines. I’m stuck with the conundrum: do I toss this plastic crap away and just buy new eggs next year or do I save them and reuse them next year? I always end …

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Volcano Egg Dyeing

Both boys loved doing Lemon Volcanoes and have been asking to do them every day. With Easter coming up, I decided to give them what they asked for while dyeing their eggs. In years past, we’ve done traditional egg dyeing, whip cream egg dyeing, and natural egg dyeing. The whip cream dyeing was our favorite …

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Edible Peep Playdough

Easter is just around the corner, so this week I’m focusing on fun Easter activities. Today I’ll be focusing on edible peep playdough and slime. The best thing about this activity, is that it covers all the bases: it’s fun, educational, delicious, easy to make, and pretty to look at! Ingredients & Instructions Instructions: Place peeps into …

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Icy Prehistoric Excavations

The awesome frozen dino excavation activity is super simple and an awesome sensory play experience. Ice play in general, is an absolute favourite sensory and science activity for small kids to explore! We have often enjoyed freezing and thawing objects, trying to work out how to release them from the ice blocks and as an …

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Getting Creative With Paint

If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of letting your child loose in the house with messy paint makes your anxiety go through the roof. It’s okay to be anxious! Kids are small scale tornadoes of destruction! There are a few simple ways to contain the mess while still having fun! Below are some …

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Masking Tape Fun

In search of an item that will provide limitless activities to banish your kids boredom? You’ve found it! The solution is tape! It’s cheap, versatile and my kids just love it! Plus tape play is only limited by your imagination. In today’s blog, I’m only showing 3 different ways to incorporate tape play into your daily …

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Playdough & Putty Activities

Today’s activities focus around the fun things you can do with playdough, putty, and slime. The cool thing about these activites, is even if you currently don’t have them, they are easy to make at home, and it’s easy to find things around the house to manipulate the dough/putty with. Benefits Enhances fine motor skill …

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Covid-Quarantine Day 1

Today’s the first official day that Everett can’t attend school, and tomorrow is Finn’s. This weekend I decided to dig into my ginormous stash of activities and start prepping some cool things to keep the kids engaged. Don’t get me wrong, we will definitely be using way more screen time than we normally do, and …

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Blippi Live Review

Tuesday night we had the opportunity to go see the newest addition to the “Blippi-verse,” Blippi Live. Needless to say, the kids were overjoyed. I was slightly nervous, wondering if they would realize that the “Blippi” they were seeing in person wasn’t actually Stevin John and I’d have to potentially defuse a bad situation. However, the gentleman that they chose to portray Blippi, was pretty spot on. If I hadn’t spent more hours than I’d like to admit staring at the “real” Blippi, (thanks to Finn for watching him on repeat), I’d likely never know the difference. The kids were utterly entranced the entire time he was on stage.