Volcano Egg Dyeing

Both boys loved doing Lemon Volcanoes and have been asking to do them every day. With Easter coming up, I decided to give them what they asked for while dyeing their eggs.

In years past, we’ve done traditional egg dyeing, whip cream egg dyeing, and natural egg dyeing. The whip cream dyeing was our favorite method until volcano dyeing!

Ingredients & Instructions


  1. Create baking soda paint using a tbsp (or so) of baking soda, couple tsps of water, and some food coloring. Mix it up and experiment until you have the consistency you want.
  2. Add food coloring to your baking soda paint or drip it directly on your eggs. I found placing your eggs in a muffin tin during this process made things easier.
  3. Using your paintbrush, carefully paint your eggs with your baking soda paint.
  4. Pour vinegar on top of the egg and watch the “volcanic eruption” all around your egg. You can also carefully drop your egg into a cup of vinegar, but my boys enjoyed using their pipettes to cause the “eruption.”
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 as often as you want! Each egg will be different based on your color combinations. You can even add things like rubber bands to the eggs to help make cool patterns!
  6. Carefully pat eggs dry or simply let them air dry.

For the science behind this activity, check out our Lemon Volcano post!

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3 thoughts on “Volcano Egg Dyeing”

    1. Crystal Dorothy

      We didn’t rinse them, we patted them, but I would assume no, bc the eggs have a porous shell and it absorbs the color

    2. Crystal Dorothy

      I would assume no. We air dried the eggs and patted them, but as long as you air dry, it gives the color long enough to permeate the shell bc they are porous.

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