Rock Easter Egg Hunt

With everything going on with Covid-19, understandably all of our local Easter Egg Hunts were canceled. The boys were pretty bummed, and although we have some egg filled goodies ready for them to hunt on Easter, we wanted to spread some joy to our friends and neighbors. We decided to put on our own little …

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Unexpectedly Homeschooling

Congratulations, you’re now the proud parent of a homeschooler! Thanks to COVID-19, a huge chunk of parents are currently faced with the harsh reality that they are now expected to be their child’s primary teacher many amidst working full time/trying to find a new job. Most of these parents have never been homeschooled and haven’t …

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Getting Creative With Paint

If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of letting your child loose in the house with messy paint makes your anxiety go through the roof. It’s okay to be anxious! Kids are small scale tornadoes of destruction! There are a few simple ways to contain the mess while still having fun! Below are some …

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Playdough & Putty Activities

Today’s activities focus around the fun things you can do with playdough, putty, and slime. The cool thing about these activites, is even if you currently don’t have them, they are easy to make at home, and it’s easy to find things around the house to manipulate the dough/putty with. Benefits Enhances fine motor skill …

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Covid-Quarantine Day 1

Today’s the first official day that Everett can’t attend school, and tomorrow is Finn’s. This weekend I decided to dig into my ginormous stash of activities and start prepping some cool things to keep the kids engaged. Don’t get me wrong, we will definitely be using way more screen time than we normally do, and …

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Dinosaur Pictionary Game

Dinosaur Obsessed It’s no secret, my boys are dino obsessed! My house is full of roaring and stomping sounds on a daily basis, and I’ve stepped, (quite painfully), on more dinos than I’d like to admit.I’m always trying to find exciting and new activities for the boys and adventures to take them on that incorporate …

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Motherhood In The Raw

Learning to Love Your Postpartum Body Update You may remember that I’ve started a long term photography project called #motherhoodintheraw. It’s all about learning to love your body again after having children. Your postpartum body is as permanent a state as parenthood itself, and society as a whole, are conditioned to find reasons to not …

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Ending An Era Of Colorblindness

Let’s face it, teaching a child to be colorblind isn’t just a stupid idea, it’s dangerous. By doing the whole, ‘We’re the same,’ thing, you’re dismissing what a black kid or any person of color deals with. Instead of tackling the hard truths of what racism is and how a person of color might have a different struggle than you, you teach them to ignore.

I get it. Talking about racism is hard. No parent wants to tell their children that their skin color determines their place in society. And especially white colorblind parents don’t want to admit that racism is still just as prevalent today as it was 60+ years ago. Instead, we want to glorify leaders like MLK and talk about how amazing it was that they helped end segregation, and thus racism. We want to act like our white privilege doesn’t exist anymore.

Teaching Empathy

This week, in addition to being cyberbullied, I also had to face the harsh reality that my son is perhaps the “bully” in his classroom. I spend a few minutes every school day talking to his teacher so I can make sure that we are as much on the same page as possible. Wednesday she …

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