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Please Tell Me More About Your Uncomfortable Mask

Reflections of a new mom mid-global pandemic “Let people help”. “Rely on friends and family”. “Don’t be shy to ask family members to help around the house”. This is the advice touted on every baby blog, in all of the pregnancy books and shouted from the rooftops by experienced moms. But what if you can’t? …

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Playdough & Putty Activities

Today’s activities focus around the fun things you can do with playdough, putty, and slime. The cool thing about these activites, is even if you currently don’t have them, they are easy to make at home, and it’s easy to find things around the house to manipulate the dough/putty with. Benefits Enhances fine motor skill …

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Covid-Quarantine Day 1

Today’s the first official day that Everett can’t attend school, and tomorrow is Finn’s. This weekend I decided to dig into my ginormous stash of activities and start prepping some cool things to keep the kids engaged. Don’t get me wrong, we will definitely be using way more screen time than we normally do, and …

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Super Simple Sensory Foam

If you’ve followed us for awhile, you know I’m always looking for fun ways to incorporate sensory play into our daily activities. A few months ago, I discovered Aquafaba. It’s been around for years; I certainly haven’t created anything new here, but it’s been an incredible eye opener! Aquafaba is made from the strained legume …

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Dinosaur Pictionary Game

Dinosaur Obsessed It’s no secret, my boys are dino obsessed! My house is full of roaring and stomping sounds on a daily basis, and I’ve stepped, (quite painfully), on more dinos than I’d like to admit.I’m always trying to find exciting and new activities for the boys and adventures to take them on that incorporate …

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Blippi Live Review

Tuesday night we had the opportunity to go see the newest addition to the “Blippi-verse,” Blippi Live. Needless to say, the kids were overjoyed. I was slightly nervous, wondering if they would realize that the “Blippi” they were seeing in person wasn’t actually Stevin John and I’d have to potentially defuse a bad situation. However, the gentleman that they chose to portray Blippi, was pretty spot on. If I hadn’t spent more hours than I’d like to admit staring at the “real” Blippi, (thanks to Finn for watching him on repeat), I’d likely never know the difference. The kids were utterly entranced the entire time he was on stage.

Ending An Era Of Colorblindness

Let’s face it, teaching a child to be colorblind isn’t just a stupid idea, it’s dangerous. By doing the whole, ‘We’re the same,’ thing, you’re dismissing what a black kid or any person of color deals with. Instead of tackling the hard truths of what racism is and how a person of color might have a different struggle than you, you teach them to ignore.

I get it. Talking about racism is hard. No parent wants to tell their children that their skin color determines their place in society. And especially white colorblind parents don’t want to admit that racism is still just as prevalent today as it was 60+ years ago. Instead, we want to glorify leaders like MLK and talk about how amazing it was that they helped end segregation, and thus racism. We want to act like our white privilege doesn’t exist anymore.

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Gratitude

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Gratitude The holiday season gives us a lot to be thankful for. If you’re reading this at home, that means you have a roof over your head and Internet access. Not everyone has these essentials, which can be hard for kids to understand. When children have …

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