About Us

Crystal (at the encouragement of many, MANY, people), decided to launch this blog to share Everett’s Sensory Processing journey as well as shed some light on SPD. While most posts are directly related to that aspect of our life, you’ll also find random parenting advice, funny life stories, and whatever is tickling Crystal’s interest at any particular day!2017-12-01_06-56-44-011574666002.jpeg
Meet the Dorothys: Fredric (dad), Crystal (mom), Everett (Capn CrazyPants), & Finn (babyzilla). We are Alabama based, but love traveling!
Crystal is the Chief Diaper Steward, chauffeur, chef, and event coordinator for Dorothy Industries, aka Stay-At-Home Mom. She loves taking the kids fun places, photography, and cheesy paranormal books.

Fredric is a software engineer who loves woodworking, bicyling, and reading old books. He loves taking the boys on outdoor adventures and doing innovative DIY projects with them.2018-04-12_12-16-27-01
Everett, the primary focus of this blog is a 4.5 year old bundle of energy. He loves helicopters, Legos, and figuring out all things mechanical (and destroying them!). He was diagnosed with SPD in Aug 2017.
And last, but not least, Finn, the baby! Finn is a fun little chunk, who loves exploring, balls, all things cars, and Blippi!




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