Unexpectedly Homeschooling

Congratulations, you’re now the proud parent of a homeschooler! Thanks to COVID-19, a huge chunk of parents are currently faced with the harsh reality that they are now expected to be their child’s primary teacher many amidst working full time/trying to find a new job. Most of these parents have never been homeschooled and haven’t …

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Easy Cup & Balloon Activities

Today’s activities are super fun for kids of all ages and only require a couple items that you probably have laying around the house.  The 3 activities that I’m going to show you are the following: Projectile Launcher Pompom Air Cannon Cup Drum Pompom Air Cannon This one is fairly easy. Instead of going step …

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Momcation: Party of One

“Fine. Everything’s fine.” I tell myself as I watch my house slowly be torn apart by the two tiny tornadoes I call my children. I sit there and look at the utter chaos and wonder if I leave it on the floor long enough if it will magically disappear. I have so many items on …

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