Getting Creative With Paint

If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of letting your child loose in the house with messy paint makes your anxiety go through the roof.

It’s okay to be anxious! Kids are small scale tornadoes of destruction!

There are a few simple ways to contain the mess while still having fun! Below are some ideas to help lower your messy memory making activities.

For me, I personally prefer using Crayola Bathtub Paint. Why?

  1. It’s actually soap
  2. They have tons of colors
  3. It’s inexpensive
  4. You can easily switch between bathtub and paper

Bath paint isn’t a replacement when you’re child is making true works of art, but for fun and easy to clean up arty projects, it’s great!

I also really love tempura paint sticks. They dry almost instantly and don’t require any water.

Getting Creative

When I let the boys do a painting activity, we rarely use paintbrushes. Instead, I rely on various household items. Nothing is really off limits. We’ve used silverware, dinos, nuts, cars and trucks, miscellaneous toy animals, and so on.

For more educational benefits, we talk about what colors become after mixing them and the differences of each items unique prints. Have them name each color and count the items.


Now comes the fun part! Cleanup! If they made a big enough mess and you use the Crayola Bathtub Paint, just toss them and their paint stuff in the tub. The bathtub paint we get is actually soap, so they are getting clean while getting messy! If they remarkably keep their bodies fairly clean, turn your sink into an impromptu toy wash station! Add extra bubbles, give them a rag, and let them have at it! Two fun activities in one! If you don’t want them making a mess of your kitchen, take it outside and let them use the hose.

Now pour yourself a glass of wine and pat yourself on the back for surviving! Good job! You got this!

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