Parenting Truths inspired by Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian (as told by Fort Birthday)

One thing I LOVED about the end of 2019 was the release of Disney +, especially The Mandalorian . As a proud Star Wars nerd, I’ve been slowly exposing Everett to the world of Star Wars. We’re starting at the beginning and working up. This is the way (sorry couldn’t resist!). The Mandalorian provided so many great parenting one liners, from the above mentioned “This is the way” to “I have spoken”, it’s no wonder Leah from Fort Birthday wrote an entire blog post about parenting truths found in the series. I loved her take on it so much I couldn’t resist sharing her post.
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So without further ado, I present Fort Birthday’s Parenting Truths inspired by Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian.

Parenting Truths inspired by Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian are my new parenting role models. If you haven’t watched Disney +’s delightful series or you aren’t a Star Wars fan, buckle up and bear with me. It’s gonna be a bumpy landing.

Ok, this contains enough information to amount to spoilers – and my only religion consists of returning your grocery cart and not spoiling things. So, you are warned. Spoilers and hilarious parenting tips to follow. But Disney has traditionally inspired those in me, The Mandalorian wasn’t released yet, but Disney has inspired me before.

35 Parenting Tips for 2020 inspired by Single Dad Din Djarin Pin for Baby Yoda

Parenting Truths from Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is a hard bitten bounty hunter who is a member of the Mandalorian Culture. We learn that his name is Din Djarin in the second to last episode of season 1; but he is referred to as The Mandalorian or Mando throughout the show. He takes on a bounty that only the greatest could accomplish and it turns out to be Baby Yoda.

Now, I know it’s not literally Baby Yoda. The entity is referred to as The Child or The Kid, but let’s be honest, it’s 2019’s most redeeming feature, Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian Parenting Truths
Just look at this little squish. Aren’t they they cutest?

The Mandalorian initially fulfills his bounty, but changes his mind when he discovers The Child is destined for, at the least, a very menacing series of medical exams. And so ensues the best set of lessons in the galaxy – or at least the outer rim – about what it’s really like to be a single working parent.

No one is ever ready to be a parent. You may desperately want to be a parent. Or it may have never crossed your mind. Either way, there is one truism: you don’t really know what you are up against until you do it. Sort of like accepting a bounty for an unknown entity and ending up a dad.

Small Children should be wearing about one additional layer compared to an adult. For example: If an Adult is comfy in a body suit and full Beskar body armor, then the child should probably be wearing jammy-jams, a robe, an nice cozy scarf. (btw, infants and young toddlers should not wear scarves, Baby Yoda is 50, so it’s okay.)

The Mandalorian Keeps Parenting Baby Yoda Simple

Baby Yoda shows us that kids will play with anything, especially things that are ‘yours’. They don’t need fancy toys. So just let them play with your shift knob, so long as it’s not a choking hazard.

Let's be honest I'm gonna put it in my mouth 2020 Parenting Truths Inspired by baby Yoda and the Mandalorian

Kids will put anything in their mouth. Especially Baby Yoda will put your tools and ship parts in their mouth.

Kids will eat surprising things. So don’t be afraid to let them try new things, like frogs. Never shame their attempts at trying something new.

Baby Yoda is 50 years old. And if Yoda died around 900 years, assuming a linear aging process, then 50 represents something around a 4 year old human, just like my guys. So Toddler Yoda would be more appropriate.

Toddler Yoda is capable of using the Force, but the cost of the “hand thingy” is high. Much like human children, they crash hard. They also have more capacity for things that we give them credit for.

Even Single Parents aren’t Parenting alone.

It takes a village – from Kuiil to Greef Karga. All the entities in life help shape and protect Baby Yoda. Finding a good sitter is HARD. You might even have to reprogram a Imperial Bounty Hunter Robot – or leave your kid with a spaceship mechanic. Working parents, even the Mandalorian, struggle with child care and drop-off.

Baby Yodas and Children alike need to see strong people of all genders shapes and colors. Or even not-people, like IG-11. And most importantly, they need to learn that gender doesn’t determine roll. Cara is a badass soldier, Peli Motto runs her own business. The Mandalorian learns about parenting from Kuiil, who approaches life with patience and affirmation.

Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian strollers
Din Djarin’s village (in part)

Your babysitter may do things with your kid you don’t really approve. Your kid will love it, though. IG-11 takes Baby Yoda on a blaster fueled speeder assassination jaunt. Other people will show your kids aspects of the world you might not. It’s priceless, let your kids have different experiences.

Similarly, never underestimate a droid, or a good babysitter. IG-11 literally gives his life to protect Baby Yoda. I’m pretty darn sure that my boy’s babysitter would laugh her head off if I suggested she self destruct so they boys could go on a space ship ride. Then again space ships are really really cool.

Beware of the cute child. Baby Yoda is completely adorable. And people ooh and ahh over The Child, but then he force chokes one of your friends. Adorable hides little monsters with undeveloped moral compasses. Beware of the super cute child. I have two adorable ones. It’s twice the risk.

The Mandalorian didn’t ask to be a Parent

A working parent does what a Mandalorian has to do. Which means, arranging childcare, free-range parenting, and taking your kid to work with you. Either way, a single parent, Mandalorian or otherwise, gets creative and gets the job done.

You can be a Clan of 2. And a Parent Child relationship doesn’t need a biological bond. Mandalorians espouse a creed that involves caring for foundlings. Adoption, fostering, being a kick ass auntie, or raising a kid that isn’t part of your genetic lineage is Mandalorian as heck. Families can take all shapes and can be just you and your little.

 They do what they must to survive. The Way of the Mandalore and the Way of the Parent are the same. “Mandalorian isn’t a race.” “It’s a creed” A cultural set of behaviors and codes, make sure you share your religion and culture with your kids. Part of MY Way as a Parent include: Schedule is supreme, here – have a popsicle, and it probably won’t hurt them.

Children need “Patience and affirmation” Baby Yoda gets it from Kuiil and later IG-11, who’s patience is literally infinite. My patience runs out somewhere around 6pm.

Pin for Baby Yoda Family isn't just an important thing it's the only thing
I mean, the Mandalorian never said this, but he would have.

Children sometimes are tender. They try and help with magical kisses on boo-boos. Even Baby Yoda heals Karga the same way my one toddler will give me a pat after biting me.

Never be sure that your child is sleeping. It might be an elaborate trick and The Child is riding back to a space ship in the arms of an alien. Or has toddled out of the spaceship crib into deep trouble. Pretty much at all times suspect they are up to no good.

I mean this one is really more about me, but it might be worth becoming Mandalorian to never ever have to think about my hair again. Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian have good lessons of self care.

A warrior is more than his armor and good gear doesn’t make a good parent. Good gear makes life easier, but doesn’t do the work for you. So shopping for the perfect crib, car seat, bottle does nothing if you don’t attend to the work of parenting. There are some things that were “Game Changers” for me, but, in general, there wasn’t anything truly unique.

All that being said, a good stroller can make or break a parent. Baby Yoda has the best stroller ever. And Baby Yoda’s hovercraft stroller doubles as a car/spaceship seat. It follows The Mandalorian everywhere, adjusts it’s height and speed and keeps the little tiny ones safe. Make sure to buckle up according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Baby Yoda and Children can get into trouble disproportionate to their understanding of the world. Things that seem reasonable to kids are, in fact, possibly fatal if not simply stupid. This applies to biting Storm Troopers and to climbing onto the top of the refrigerator.

Baby Yoda and Children make bad decisions because they are CHILDREN

Baby Yoda and children are dangerous when quiet. If they get quiet they are most certainly up to no good. Beware a conscious toddler who you haven’t heard from in 30 minutes. The worst is when they are noisy and THEN get quiet.

Kids love levers. An unattended child or Baby Yoda will almost crash a spaceship. But just cause they want to work the levers. Kids love levers. Or maybe because they don’t want to go back to Nevarro. Bottom line: don’t assume motivation, ask your kids why. But accept that the answer might be “Because”. Or Poop.

Sages Entertainment Baby Yoda inspired balloon
Baby Yoda has inspired a generation of parents and kids.   Sages Entertainment showing off their skills  

When your kids begin gaining their independence it’s amazing. But practicing their steps (literally) is an exercise in biting your knuckles. Watching Baby Yoda walk is adorably stressful. Is he going to tip over? Trip over his massive clothing? And OMG, so VERY VERY slow. Hurry up. Fine, I’m just going to carry you. And when they learn to run. Oh my G-O-S-H.

Kids will try to swallow bites way too big. “Hey. Spit that out.” – the Mandalorian.

Just spend time with your kids. Baby Yoda just wants to hang out with The Mandalorian. Just like your kids want to hang out with you. It doesn’t matter if you have an activity planned or an ‘enriching’ field trip. Your kid just wants to be with you. Go on adventures with them. Adventures can be anything you call an “adventure”.

Sometimes You just give something to your kid to get them stop bugging you. Baby Yoda wants the knob, give him the freaking knob. Don’t ever ever give your children something to play with you aren’t willing for them to consider a toy FOREVER.

How to Keep your Foundling Toddler Entertained During Long Interstellar Travel parenting Tips Inspired by baby Yoda and the Mandalorian

Kids like pressing buttons. Especially your buttons. Baby Yoda will look you square in the eye while their tiny little green paw flicks another button. We go to Port Discovery Children’s museum in Baltimore and there are SO MANY Buttons to push – So they push mine a little less.

Parents are at the whim of their love. All sense flies out the window when Baby Yoda or your kid coos at you. They learn this early and weaponize it. “Cooooo” *me turning to goo*

Kids and Baby Yoda love broth. Seriously, put some hot water on something, then it’s soup. For real, Spaghetti Soup, that’s a thing at our house. Hambone, hot water, boom you got yourself a soup. (Kudos to you for getting the Arrested Development joke here).

Leg hugs are the best. When you are only 2.5 feet tall you have limited options for hugging. Turns out getting leg hugs are pretty darn good. Kids and Baby Yoda show affection physically the best way they know how. And they get moved in the moment so you never know when you might get mugged by a hug.

Pin for Baby Yoda and The mandalorian Parenting I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold. The Mandalorian Also, every parent telling their kid they have to leave the pool
Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian are so much like me and my toddlers

The Mandalorian says, “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.” It’s pretty much exactly what I say to my kid after a day at the pool. Kids like choices, even if they are empty options. And you have to prepare yourself for them to choose the Hard Way. Either way it’s gonna have to be The Way.

(Interstellar) Travel is good for young kids. Baby Yoda is better traveled than I am, and if you start traveling with your kids young, it is easier. Or at least your expectations are manageable about what you can put up in the transition from airports or while jumping to lightspeed. And seeing different places and trying new things is great for kids.

The best way to you raise a kid the same way you program a robot I spent day after day reinforcing its development – with patience and affirmation. It developed a personality as its experiences grew. — KUIIL ABOUT IG-11 – The best way to you raise a kid the same way you program a robot.

This year I'm remembering that if the Mandalorian can be an okay parent, I'm not doing that bad

Aside from being on of the best things that ever happened to the Star Wars Universe I really enjoyed the Mandalorian. For me, the best parts of the show are those moments when The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda have these magical Moments that are so relatable as a parent.

The idea that a parent would face an army and stare into the face of death for their child really resonated with me. I could see it. Gimme some Whistling Birds or a jet pack and I’ll take them all on to keep my babies safe.

What did you learn from the Mandalorian?