Top 10 Tips for Going on Winter Walks With Kids in 2020

Top 10 tips for going on a winter walk with kids

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Many people don’t appreciate the fun you can have outdoors in the winter. They would rather stay indoors trying to warm up and hoping to survive through the cold season. Winter is a beautiful season as well. The absence of leaves on trees does not mean there is nothing to see or do in winter. A good breath of fresh air would be enough to cure the winter blues. This article provides tips on how you can go on a winter walk with the kids comfortably.

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1. Safety first

Prioritize everyone’s safety over everything else. This would not be the time to explore those backyard trails that you’ve always wanted to see. Make sure you walk on trails you are very familiar with and ones that are safe for you and the kid. Do not wander too much from home.

2. Make the walk fun

Work with what you have and make it fun for the kids. Let the natural distractions along the way keep your kids entertained and excited. Allow them to jump into water puddles, make balls with snow or play other creative games while they walk.

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3. Carry snacks

Food makes all the difference for kids when going for a walk. Carry enough of their favorite snacks. Chocolate and energy bars are good to provide the calories needed to keep the kids warm during this walk. Do not forget to carry water from home as well.

4. Keep everything simple

Just work with what you have. You might not have the capacity to go for long walks in the neighborhood but you can enjoy a similar experience in your own backyard.

5. Do no stay out for too long

Kids are excited at first when taking a walk in winter but after a few hours, the cold will start settling in and everything will stop being fun. Time the walk to make sure that you have everyone back into the house before they start getting cold and bored.

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6. Gear up properly

You must dress up appropriately to enjoy a good walk in the winter. Dress your kids warmly and give them water resistant boots. Woolen socks and gloves would also be an extra asset here. These will prevent their toes and hands from getting frost bites.

7. Look out for animal tracks

One of the exciting outdoor winter adventure you can have with your kids would be to look out for animal tracks in the snow or mud. Try to figure out whether you can identify what the animal was and where it went. You can turn this into an educational moment for the kids.

8. Take the dog out for a walk

Dogs love the outdoors, even when it’s freezing. Taking them out would be a great excuse to have your kids join you for a short walk.

9. Go bird watching

Strap on your binoculars and go to explore what kids of birds live in your neighborhood. You might get lucky and come across a rare species. Turn this occasion into an educational one for your kids.

10. Play games

There are many games you can play in the winter outdoors with your kids. Scavenger hunt is among the favorite ones. Let the kids take a walk as they try to explore their neighborhood and play the scavenger hunt

As you can see, there are so many fun ways to enjoy the outdoors during winter. Help avoid the winter blues this season by getting outdoors with your family!

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