Rainbow Fun

On Monday we woke up to find that the crazy storms knocked over a huge tree in our front yard. Finn is having the time of his life exploring it and we were lucky that it didn’t do much damage. Our luck inspired me to make some fun rainbow crafts, because after all, after every storm, comes a  rainbow!



  1. Add adhesive to your chosen sturdy paper/canvas. I used Elmer’s adhesive spray, but you can use almost any glue.
  2. Place cotton balls in rows that form the shape of a rainbow.
  3. Start with red food coloring and make a cup of red water.
  4. Use your pipette to add water to your outer layer.
  5. Work your way through the colors of the rainbow, working inward.

This is a super cool craft and the further into the rainbow you go, the cooler it gets! Talk to your kids about why it absorbs and how the colors start to blend in together. It’s also a cool way to talk about weather- the cotton balls are like clouds and the more water you add to it, the less it can absorb until it starts to “rain.” Also, I highly recommend using a thick poster board or a canvas for this. The more water you add, the heavier it gets, so thinner papers will tear under the strain and also be at risk for also absorbing the water.


  1. Using cups or an ice cube tray, place a drop or 2 of food coloring in each spot, utilizing all colors of the rainbow.
  2. Fully immerse a cotton ball in each color.
  3. Take your soaked cotton ball and place it in the chip bag clip, forming a rainbow.
  4. Use chip clip on your canvas/paper, creating beautiful works of art.

This is a visually beautiful craft. It also leaves very little mess behind. We tried it both with paint and food coloring. The paint works, but it mixes together slowly forming an ugly mud color the more you spread it, whilst the food coloring mixes together beautifully. You can get really creative with your color combinations and make cool paintings with it. For less rainbow-y or more detailed results, you can also use a clothespin instead of a chip clip.

Did you try one of these crafts? Tell us below!

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