Advocacy & Education

Autism education, advocacy, parenting a child with Autism, and how to help break society’s misconceptions about those on the spectrum.

Therapy: What, Why, & How.

Therapy. Aside from the questions I get about SPD, the other set of questions I get asked the most about are Everett’s therapy. Most people don’t realize that there is therapy for kids like Everett, so they always ask what exactly it entails and if it will “fix him.” First and foremost, let’s talk about …

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Resources & Steps To Getting Your Child An SPD Diagnosis

One of the questions I get asked most frequently, is how we figured out Everett had Sensory Processing Disorder and how they could spot it with their child. The conversation usually starts with a “I hope you don’t mind,” and they’ll ask some question about SPD, such as “was Everett diagnosed easily?” “Does he have …

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The Chronicles of a Not-So-SuperMom

When I was coming up with a name for my blog, I was struggling at first. How was I going to be able to sum up what I wanted to share with the world in ONE title that would also give readers a little idea about my content? While I knew I wanted to talk …

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