Back To School Break Box

With Everett starting a school type program next week, I got with his therapist and started making a plan.
You might remember that Everett was enrolled in a Waldorf school last year…and sort of kicked out. This was pre-diagnosis, so they weren’t able to handle him without a plan. This time I was determined to be prepared.
I had his therapist write a letter detailing what Everett’s therapy has been focusing on, what his issues are, how to help with his therapy in class, and most importantly, what he IS capable of. She also included sample systems to help keep him on track. In addition to the handouts, we came up with a sensory break box that the teachers can utilize when Everett is feeling overwhelmed/ overstimulated.
I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I actually added into the box, so here is what I have so far:
From Fun & Function:

  • Weighted Lizard
  • Marble Maze Fidget
  • Calm Down Jar
  • Dino Cape

From Ark Therapeutic:

  • 2 chewlery Necklaces

From Various places (mostly Amazon):

  • Body Sock
  • Sensory Brush
  • Various Fidgets

  • Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty

  • Homemade Sensory Slime

  • CozyPhones & MP3 Player loaded up with both Sensory oriented and fun music .

  • General Info on Sensory Integration and Activities

Not Pictured/Still Have To Buy:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Blanket
  • Weighted Lap Pad
  • Rewards/Charts
  • List of Items in Box

I’m considering also decorating the box in a fun way, but that will depend on time.
Hopefully this will be enough to give him the headstart he needs to integrate well with his peers!

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