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what is the oldest flood story

There is no doubt that Ron Wyatt found and proved Noah’s Ark in turkey, but the satanist Banker controlled Media will not let the People see the proof. Sodom and Gomorrah he also proves, showing the 95% pure sulfur balls (impossible naturally) that rained down and melted into the rock, ALL OVER these 5 cities of the plain which were destroyed y supernatural means. This same figure appears as Atrahasis (“exceedingly wise”) in the later work that bears his name, as Utnapishtim (“he found life”) in The Epic of Gilgamesh, and as Noah (“rest” or “peace”) in the Book of Genesis. The king sacrificed oxen and offered innumerable sheep. Prior to the rise of secular skepticism, and even during the period when Darwin and Nietzsche were writing, the Bible was considered the oldest book in the world, completely original, and of divine origin. Let…the builder of the Land, dig a solid foundation. The verdict, the word of the divine assembly, cannot be revoked. According to ancient inscriptions, it was ‘Eridu,’ –modern day Abu Shahrein, Iraq– where the gods created the first city on the planet. After humans and animals are created, the gods decree the establishment of cities, beginning with Eridu which was considered the oldest city in the world. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. While many people doubt the Great Flood ever existed, the truth is that this ‘story’ goes back thousands of years.Many people are familiar with the Genesis Flood Narrative which is written down in chapters 6–9 in the Book of Genesis, in the Bible. So he made…Then Nintud…Holy Inanna made a lament for its people. . Abraham and Sarah had a son named Isaac who had a son of his own who’s name was Jacob. © The expeditions sent to Mesopotamia were supposed to find evidence supporting this view but found the exact opposite. Ziudsura, standing at its side, heard: “Side-wall standing at my left side, …Side-wall, I will speak words to you; take heed of my words, pay attention to my instructions. During the 1928-1929 CE excavation season, Wooley sank a series of shafts into the soil and determined there had been significant flooding in the region but that this was a local, not global, event and, further, was not a singular incident but had happened a number of times when the Tigris and Euphrates rivers overflowed their banks. Ziudsura makes a hole in the side of the boat, and Utu, in the form of the sun’s rays, enters. Originally published by the Ancient History Encyclopedia, 05.07.2020, under a Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. In this later work, after the flood, measures are taken by the gods to limit the human lifespan and increase mortality and these kinds of details may have made up the missing text from the earlier Sumerian Flood Story which follows: I will stop the annihilation of my creatures, and I will return the people from their dwelling grounds. The second, Bad-tibira, was given to the Mistress. Each culture adapted the story to their own needs and vision and so the original was altered, to greater or lesser degrees, as it was told – and then written down – in different locales. Not hard to find and investigate on youtube. …seat in heaven…flood…mankind. An Abyss is coming for them sooner than they can comprehend. In the 19th century CE, western institutions, including museums and universities, funded expeditions to Mesopotamia in hopes of finding physical evidence which would corroborate the historicity of biblical narratives. If you or I say or write something that is true, the fact it happened before we spoke or wrote about it would make our account of it no less true, it would only put a date on our sayings or writings of it. Fascinating. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Ziudsura could drill an opening in the huge boat and hero Utu entered the huge boat with his rays. An and Enlil treated Ziudsura kindly…they granted him life like a god, they brought down to him eternal life. Another Mesopotamian myth is the story of Atrahasis, a wise man who was saved from the flood after being warned by one of the gods to build a ship to save himself.This story is preserved in fragmentary Old Babylonian and Assyrian versions. The true purpose was to destroy mankind so that Jesus could never be born. The flood is considered a reversal of creation. But in Sumeria, that God was Shamash. The Babylonian story of the Great Flood has come down to us in three versions, which contain so many echoes that it is likely that tradition was not oral, but written. They grant him eternal life in the paradise of the land of Dilmun. The Sumerian Flood Story is considered the first written account of the popular myth of a worldwide flood sent by divine agency which appears in almost every culture of the ancient world. After An, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag had fashioned the black-headed people, they also made animals multiply everywhere, and made herds of four-legged animals exist on the plains, as is befitting. The Great Flood happened to destroy the offspring of the fallen angels that came to the earth, who oppressed and destroyed mankind. These “giants” as they are called in EVERY culture on earth, which also have the flood story, had a purpose to destroy the genetics of mankind, and every animal. The Eridu Genesis is believed to have been composed circa 2,300 BCE is considered as the EARLIEST known account of the great flood and predates more popular Great Flood described in the biblical book of Genesis. The Epic of Atrahasis Great Flood tablet. The Sumerian Flood Story (also known as the Eridu Genesis, Sumerian Creation Myth, Sumerian Deluge Myth) is the oldest Mesopotamian text relating the tale of the Great Flood which would appear in later works such as the Atrahasis (17th century BCE), The Epic of Gilgamesh (c. 2150-1400 BCE), and – most famously – the story of Noah and his ark from the biblical Book of Genesis (c. 1450 BCE). Ron Wyatt also claimed “not only to have found Noah’s Ark, but to have found virtually everything in Biblical archaeology that might be important to Christians – Noah’s Ark, the exact place where the Red Sea was parted to allow the Israelites to escape Egypt, the true location of Mt. This Ancient Sumerian Tablet is the Oldest Description of the Great Flood It predates the Bible's Version of the Great Flood by thousands of years. And after the names of these cities had been announced and the…had been distributed, the river…was watered. Each of the cities are given to a god to oversee – thereby establishing the tradition of every city having its patron deity – and reference seems to be made to the further establishment of irrigation systems. One version of them we meet in the Bible. In each version of the flood story mentioned above, the gods – or God – repent of their decision – in the Genesis story, God even places the rainbow in the sky as a promise he will never flood the world again; but, to an ancient audience, this would not have meant that the Divine could not as easily send some equally dire punishment for human transgression of its will at some point in the future whenever it wanted to. Written in ancient Sumerian, it calls out the name ‘Utu’. In 1882 CE, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche published his work The Gay Science, containing the famous line, “God is dead and we have killed him”, alluding to the seeming triumph of technology and secularism over traditional religious belief. The first known flood story comes from Sumer in the tale of Atra-hasis (19 th century, BCE). Such friends these satanists have. 2020 All Rights Reserved. Why wouldn’t he be? Since the Bible had been written by God, it was infallible and could be trusted not only in dating the age of the earth but for any other aspect of human existence. Scholar Stephanie Dalley, commenting on further excavations in Mesopotamia throughout the 20th century CE, writes: No flood deposits are found in third-millennium strata, and Archbishop Ussher’s date for the Flood of 2349 BC, which was calculated using numbers in Genesis at face value and which did not recognize how highly schematic Biblical chronology is for such early times, is now out of the question. 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