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icu nurse resume examples

I am a career and online marketing expert that has reviewed and written thousands of resumes. Edit Sample Sign in required. This is pretty much obvious— You can’t … A Critical Care Nurse is accountable for providing treatment to those people who are either seriously ill or injured. Express your strong commitment to provide excellent care to critically ill patients. Lastly, you will have to rearrange your ICU, Evaluate your application before sending it out. The job of an Intensive Care Unit or ICU nurse is intense yet rewarding. We use Cookies to give you a better website experience. Phone:            (818) 9087654 As you have read, we included these skills in our example of a resume for an ICU Nurse. Make Your ICU Nursing Resume Education Section Critical. During my career, I have found certain patterns that make a resume successful, and I’m sharing all my insights in the samples that you can find on ResumeOK. Then we followed it up with her years of experience. Has 25 years of experience as a Registered Nurse with focus on Critical Care Nursing and works as a charge nurse in Medical-Surgical ICU for the last 23 years. Millions of people have been inspired by our work and have successfully written resumes that got them well paid jobs. Lastly, you will have to rearrange your ICU Nurse resume to the functional format which will look like this: Evaluate your application before sending it out. Begin with your most current certificate program or highest degree obtained and work your way backwards till. West Virginia, CA You cannot afford to lose focus when the alarm sets off or when more than one patient in the ICU require emergency intervention. Start with your current job and then go backwards. Caring for critically ill patients is serious business. Nurses must have the ability to relay information articulately. Followed aseptic procedures and provided care in accordance with universal precautions. See the intensive care nurse resume sample below for more information on writing a resume that stands out from the crowd. Date of Birth: May 15, 1990 Address: 789 Green Valley Drive, Glendale, CA As mentioned earlier this is your formal introduction to the Hiring Manager and is the best section to highlight your strengths and other value proposition. Education . Once you’ve succeeded in grabbing the hiring manager’s attention, make sure to substantiate your claims with your list of Skills and educational background. ICU patient’s condition can change in a matter of moments. Work Experience. Simply put, the recruiters want to see how you dealt with emergencies, nursed critical care patients, and what specializations you hold. Intensive Care Unit Nurse Resume Sample . How do you gain an advantage over other applicants with similar background? For perfomance reasons we use Cloudflare as a CDN network. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, CA. ICU Registered Nurse Resume Sample 5.0. Our team is dedicated to help applicants like you earn a favorable impression. San Diego, CA Bereft of experience, you should give the hospital other reasons to consider you over other entry level ICU nurses. Keywords in particular are important. I am also fluent in written and spoken Spanish. Review the job post and take note of the details. Focus on how you package your strengths and qualifications. Only those who possess innate compassion for the sick and needy will manage to perform well. ICU Nurses, or Critical Care Nurses, are Registered Nurses who work in intensive care units. Davion Orn. We put all her strong points together in only 4 sentences! ResumeOK inspires job seekers with ideas for their resumes. You must have a very high patience threshold in order to survive the daily grind. Accurate documentation is extremely important in the ICU unit. ICU Registered Nurse Resume Example. When assessing a patient, every detail must be taken into account. By agreeing you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Oakland Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, ICU Nurse, 2016 to 2015 Inserted Intravenous (IV) lines and catheters, changed wound dressings and administered antibiotics. If you still couldn't get how to present a resume that matches to the employers' expectations, refer this ICU nurse resume sample. Certified Pediatric Critical Care Nurse CCRN, American Heart Association Certified – Basic Life Support (BLS), Advance Cardio Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS), Ability to remain focused and calm during emergency situations, Prepares and administers prescribed medications orally, subcutaneously or intravenously, Manages medication doses, anesthesia and ventilator support to four patients, Delivers regular updates to patients and family members to help them arrive at decisions regarding treatments, Monitors patients’ progress and alerts attending physicians when sudden changes occur that calls for emergency intervention, Sends orders for diagnostic tests such as EKG, CT scan, MRI and X-ray, Oakland Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, Set up and monitored life support equipment and devices such as cardiac monitors, transducer, pressure lines, oxygen delivery devices, mechanical ventilators and pulse oximeter, Performed approved and prescribed diagnostic procedures based on patient’s clinical status, Changed dressings, bathed patients and provided post mortem care, Evaluated patient’s assessment record and lab data results to determine whether an emergency intervention was necessary, Analyzed which patient can be transferred out to either stepdown or the floor, Provided care for children and adolescents with life-threatening or high-acuity conditions that required strict monitoring, Tracked and recorded urine output, blood pressure, oxygen levels and ICU devices attached to patient. We prepared an ICU Nurse Resume Sample that you can use as reference and added the following guidelines to help you craft the contents of your application. Perfect. We’re here to help you make the right career diagnosis with our ICU. ICU Nurse Resume Examples. You have to complete a 4 year degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) before you can take the National Council licensure examination (NCLEX) for nurses. Keep in mind that this is the first thing the reader will see so use it to create a first good impression. Add relevant skills such as fluency in foreign languages or proficiency in ICU medical software. This is a job that is high in demand. This is possible if you take writing a resume as seriously as your job. Check these ICU Nurse resume samples. An ICU Registered Nurse is a registered nurse with expertise and specialization in delivering care to patients who are in the intensive care units of hospital and healthcare facilities. Your work history should be within a 10 year time frame only to save space.

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